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Bottle Your Own Vintage

Bottle Your Own Vintage

Half & Full Batches

(See Pricing on Wine List page)


As a custom wine-making winery, Two Corks and a Bottle gives you the opportunity to bottle your own personal vintage and custom label your bottles in our facility!

It’s Easy and Fun!  We’ll show you how!

  • Choose a vintage from our list of available varietals or blends of wines from around the world; or, adopt a batch* we already have in progress.
  • From several label designs, customize your own special labels for your wine by choosing your own personal greeting, family name, business logo, or graphic.
  • On a prescheduled date, with our assistance, pitch the yeast on the “must” (prepared juice and/or crushed grapes) to start Mother Nature’s process.
  • After a few weeks you return to the winery for your bottling party – bring your friends, family and food and enjoy the experience of bottling, corking, capping and affixing your custom labels to your personal vintage.
  • You’ve now made your own wine – the perfect gift for any occasion!

* for batch adoption, check to see what we have in process

Important information

  • A full batch makes approximately 29 bottles of wine, approximately 14 for a half-batch.
  • The entire process takes about 5-7 weeks to complete.
  • Fruit wines are ready to drink as soon as they are bottled and refrigerated.
  • White wines are ready to drink as soon as they are bottled and refrigerated.
  • Depending on the selection, Red wines need to mature in their bottles for 3 to 7 months minimum.

About the latest you want to start a batch and still have it ready!

 Start in: Ready by Thanksgiving  Ready by December Holidays 
 February Amarosso, Liza 
 March Latin Grande, Que Sera Sera, 
 Amarosso, Liza
 April  Latin Grande, Que Sera Sera, 
 May Old Rancho  
 June Big Daddy Red, Duo, Romeo, 
 Rosso Grande, Dolce Grande
 Old Rancho
 Big Daddy Red, Duo, Romeo, 
 Rosso Grande, Dolce Grande
 September  All Whites & Fruits 
 All Whites and Fruits
 November Thanksgiving! 
 December Holidays!

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